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"HUNTERSupernatural Cosplay Car ​with Last Action Joshand Die Hard Derick   

​Cosplay and Car special guests

Shimmer and Shade (Mera and Dustin Babineaux) are the husband and wife team behind Prop House 42 Productions and Shimmer and Shade Family Cosplay. Established in 2000, Shimmer and Shade are award winning production designers who create costumes, sets, props, and other large builds for independent films, television, and theaters. They are members of the Costuming Society of America and International Costuming Guild and Mera is also the Vice President of the International Costuming Guild.  Shimmer and Shade also specialize in disability accessible, mobility supportive, and sensory friendly costuming for people with disabilities and often support non-profits through fundraising efforts including photo ops with the IronFoam Throne, Specks the Dragon, and the TrenzGalore CallBox.  Together with their 5 children, the Mini Mighty Munchkin Cosplayers, Shimmer and Shade Family Cosplay also tour conventions, participate in specialty events, and promote autism awareness, disability acceptance, and anti-bullying campaigns.
The Iron Throne is a large-scale prop based on the fantasy drama: Game of Thrones. It was designed and built to honor the author of the book series, George R. R. Martin, at a convention in 2016, where he also signed the Iron Throne. It was built in 13 days and is an EVA foam skin over PVC pipe on a 2x4 “haunted house electric chair” style frame. The Iron Throne was featured in the Costuming Exhibit held by the Costuming Track at DragonCon in 2017, and has visited 12 conventions and events along the East Coast over the last 2 years, raising money for charitable organizations.