Shimmer and Shade (Mera and Dustin Babineaux) are the husband and wife team behind Prop House 42 Productions and Shimmer and Shade Family Cosplay. Established in 2000, Shimmer and Shade are award winning production designers who create costumes, sets, props, and other large builds for independent films, television, and theaters. They are members of the Costuming Society of America and International Costuming Guild and Mera is also the Vice President of the International Costuming Guild.  Shimmer and Shade also specialize in disability accessible, mobility supportive, and sensory friendly costuming for people with disabilities and often support non-profits through fundraising efforts including photo ops with the IronFoam Throne, Specks the Dragon, and the TrenzGalore CallBox.  Together with their 5 children, the Mini Mighty Munchkin Cosplayers, Shimmer and Shade Family Cosplay also tour conventions, participate in specialty events, and promote autism awareness, disability acceptance, and anti-bullying campaigns.
The Iron Throne is a large-scale prop based on the fantasy drama: Game of Thrones. It was designed and built to honor the author of the book series, George R. R. Martin, at a convention in 2016, where he also signed the Iron Throne. It was built in 13 days and is an EVA foam skin over PVC pipe on a 2x4 “haunted house electric chair” style frame. The Iron Throne was featured in the Costuming Exhibit held by the Costuming Track at DragonCon in 2017, and has visited 12 conventions and events along the East Coast over the last 2 years, raising money for charitable organizations.

Super  kayce   Cosplay

Prop House 42

Michael "Knightmage"  Wilson 

Michael "Knightmage" Wilson has been cosplaying since 2012. The 15 year veteran Deputy Sheriff and Stuntman has turned the art of cosplay from a hobby to a full... fledged passion. Genuinely loving to entertain, create, inspire and spread positivity, cosplaying has become that avenue. From being a decorated Deputy Sheriff to working on big budget Hollywood films to receiving the Presidential Volunteers Service Award for his charity work, Michael continues to strive to be a representative of ideas and possibilities.

Cosplay Guest Liliphae!

SuperKayce is a cosplayer, artist, gamer, and all around fan-girl from the Midwest! She began her journey into the convention world in 2009 when she attended he...r first Superman Celebration! Since then she has definitely expanded her knowledge of costume creation as well as the convention scene! Kayce has gone onto create over 35 costumes including Astrid, Dawnstar, Natsu, Robin, MegaMam’ and many more! She attends around twenty cons per year and has been featured as a guest at more than 15 shows including Indiana Comic Con, Wizard World Chicago, Cincinnati Comic Expo, and Rocky Mountain Con! While Kayce has judged and hosted multiple cosplay events, she has also won several of her own awards and been featured in the 2015 issue of Icosplay Magazine!
Kayce also uses her costuming by participating in many charitable events such Superheroes Fighting Cancer, SOSI, and Superhero Reading day at local libraries! She has also worked personally to raise money for Spina Bifida and needy families sponsored by The United Way Indiana!

"HUNTERSupernatural Cosplay Car ​with Last Action Joshand Die Hard Derick   


​Best in Class - Masters, Anime Expo 2014
2nd Place, IPL5

Guest at Wizard World Comic Con: Las Vegas
Guest at Niconico Chokaigi (Japan)
Guest at Kin-Yoobi Con
Guest at Con-volution

I love cosplay in all its aspects. The hard work and craftsmanship, to presentation in the halls of a con and masquerade, and keeping in touch with friends and afterwards. If you ever see me, please come by and say hi! Cosplay is about the people.

I'm a stickler for details, though not the official ones. | care nothing for accuracy and prefer to add my own artistic liberties to all the cosplays I make.

​Cosplay and Car special guests

Liliphae is a half-serious/half-just for fun cosplayer and model who made her debut at FanimeCon 2014 in San Jose, California. She subsequently became known for her unwavering dedication to the Northern California cosplay community and her involvement in the setup of many community events and gatherings.

Since then, she has amassed an array of cosplays from different fandoms and traveled up and down the state to guest at and attend conventions. Over the last three years, she has learned a lot about the art of cosplaying and the effort and work that it takes to make something you’re proud of.  On the con floor, Liliphae is always happy to meet friends and fans alike.

Alongside cosplay, she has also participated in numerous fashion and boudoir shoots to expand her versatility and creativity as a model and finds these opportunities equally exciting!