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​Chattanooga gamers rejoice! This year will be bigger and better than ever!

Like to game? Con Nooga is going to reward you! With support from over 60 gaming companies including Fantasy Flight, Paizo, Steve Jackson Games, SlugFest, Bezier, Indie Boards & Cards, Mayfair Games, Stronghold, and Fireside, we’ve got over $2,000 worth of games and prizes we’ll be giving away!

The idea is simple: The more you game, the more you win! Our gaming track awards you points for doing more of what you love!

- Points earned while gaming: Trade them in for prizes including promos, exclusives, and brand new games!

- Play-to-win area: Try a game, get a raffle ticket—at the end of the weekend someone wins that game!

- Social Deduction area: Jump in by yourself or with friends for an easy-to-learn gaming experience where you’ll have a laugh and meet some fellow con-attendees!

- Learn to paint: Grab a mini and a brush to create a keepsake you get to take home for free! Experts will be on-hand to assist and teach.

- Speed gaming: Learn 8-10 new, fast games in about an hour. Great for an adrenaline rush!

- Gaming track: includes Roleplaying (Pathfinder, D&D, var. other systems), War-Gaming/Minis (40K, Warmachine, X-Wing, Armada, HeroClix), Card Games (Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Star Wars Destiny), and 100+ board games!

- Concierge Area: Don’t know what to play; no problem! Our gaming gurus will not only greet you, but help you and your friends decide what will be the most fun!

All under one roof at the convention center, we’ll be gaming for 31 hours in just over 2 days!!


Gaming room hours:

Friday: 12:00PM (noon) – 12:00AM (midnight)

Saturday: 9:00AM – 12:00AM (midnight)

Sunday: 10AM – 2:00PM

Roleplaying block hours:

Fri: 12-4:00, 4:30-8:30PM, 9-12

Sat: 9-1, 1:30-5:30, 7-11:30

Sun: 10AM-2PM

Board Gaming/Play to Win Area: All the time!

Social Deduction Area: On demand and as announced

Card Gaming Track: Magic, Yugioh, Pokemon Fri: 1-3, Sat: 5-7,

War Gaming/Mini’s Track: 40K, Warmachine, HeroClix Fri: 3-5, Sat: 11-1, 7-9

Star Wars Gaming Track: X-Wing or Armada or Star Wars Destiny Fri: 9-11, Sat: 3-5, 9-11

Learning Track: Learn to Paint Mini’s, Speed Gaming, Fri: 7-9, Sat: 1-3

Sunday: Points redeemed for prizes, raffle drawings, roleplaying, and gaming on demand until they kick us out!