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The Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator is an immersive, PC-based, “Star Trek style” role-playing/team-building game. The computer simulation runs 30 minute missions and require each team member to perform their individual roles, coordinated by a Captain.
Artemis is a social teamwork experience which requires direct communication with other participants. It’s more role-play and socializing than pure “computer game”, combining aspects of sci-fi LARP and LAN party. Player crews work together for a common goal, competing together against the simulation–not against each other. It’s very common for “non-gamers” to enjoy Artemis!


ConNooga's Famous Burlesque is back. Come out to see our ladies 'Express' the Grace, Beauty, Horror, and Dangerous Allure of your Favorite Video Game Characters and Villains. Watch as the Creeper blows the stage. Marvel as the Untitled Goose steals the show. Lose yourself in the flexibility of the Wii Trainer. We can guarantee that this is not a game you want to miss.

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Friday Night:  11:00 pm Nooga Main Stage

Saturday Night: 9:00 pm Nooga Main Stage

Con Nooga  Devious Drag Show

Con nooga cosplay burlesque

Theeeerrree Back!   Come join the lavish, rude and  sensual Drag Queens of Con Nooga as they mesmerize, entertain with more sassatude than ever.  

Friday Night 8:00pm on the Nooga Main Stage

Saturday Night: 11:00pm on the Nooga Main Stage

Ethereal Embers

The Carolina Manga Library is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in the Southern United States.
Founded in 2013, the Library was started to promote the use of graphic novels, comics, and Japanese manga as genuine tools for improving literacy.  The Library travels to conventions, book festivals, schools, and other libraries to set up free reading rooms of graphic novels.  These reading rooms are free to enter and visitors have unrestricted access to over 5000 separate books from all genres and reading levels.

The volunteer staff is comprised of professional librarians, writers, artists, costume designers and other graphic novel enthusiasts.  They generously give their time and efforts to be “weekend warriors” for literacy.

EtherEal Embers