Andy is a comic artist/illustrator from Chattanooga TN. His work includes Marvel/Upper Deck, Action Labs and was the featured artist for ConNooga in 2014 (Transformer!)

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Rinley Enecks is a local multimedia artist, working in digital, acrylics, leather and making props and costumes. Their true passion is storytelling, and much of their work revolves around portraying the characters they've created in a bright, funky style. They're also an avid larper in the area, and use the medium to promote and explore themes such as friendship, love, loss and the bettering of oneself.

Tim Smith is a local art teacher that has been sharing his love of art and all things fandom with students for 17 years. He was the featured artist for Con Nooga in 2014 and Shuddercon in 2015. He has become an international sketch card artist and is currently working with Upperdeck on his second Marvel project.  He is a versatile multi-media artist whose work includes portraits, comics, fantasy, classic horror, steampunk and sketch cards.


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