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What is Con Nooga?

Social:   Over 14k fans   1% Ages 13-15 ** 5% Men Ages 18-25 ** 4% Women Ages 18-25 ** 18% Men Ages 25-34 ** 15% Women Ages 25-34 ** 15% Men Ages 35-44 **  15% Women Ages 35-44 **  9% Men Ages 45-54 ** 3% Women Ages 45-54 ** 2% Men and Women 65+ 

Average Post Reach 8,097 

Website:  Yearly Visit Average - 210,408  Monthly Visit Average - 15,698

8% Visitors from 30 miles of Chattanooga, 4% from Atlanta Area, 2% Nashville, 78% Other US Cities 8$ from other countries.  

Searched:  58% Google , 29% other search engines, 7% facebook , 3%

Average Attendance:  Daily:  2,500 Unique: 5,500  


A long time ago in a galaxy not too far away . . .
The year is 2007 and a few friends teased the idea of building a Convention that was family friendly during the day and more adult oriented at night.   A Convention focused on content: including events, contests, workshops, entertainment and most of all fun.   Combining all the joys of fandom from Anime, Comics, Fantasy, Gaming, Science Fiction, Horror, Literature, Paranormal, Cosplay, Video Gaming, Deep Thoughts with a huge Kids Track that focused on teaching a new generation all the geek and freak culture of the world!   In 2008 this idea became:   Con Nooga!   

After 12 years of good times, new friends and growing our Con Noogan family  - we enter the 13th era and to boldly we go to infinity and beyond!   

We are nothing without the fans - and our foundation and future is based upon the wants and needs of the fans.   After all It's Your Con Nooga!