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ConNooga's Famous Burlesque is back. Come out to see our ladies 'Express' the Grace, Beauty, Horror, and Dangerous Allure of your Favorite Video Game Characters and Villains. Watch as the Creeper blows the stage. Marvel as the Untitled Goose steals the show. Lose yourself in the flexibility of the Wii Trainer. We can guarantee that this is not a game you want to miss.

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Friday Night:  11:00 pm Con Nooga Main Stage

Saturday Night: 9:00 pm Con Nooga Main Stage

Con Nooga  Devious Drag Show

Not JUST A CONTEST but so much more!!!   Saber Idol entertains as well!!!

At Wildefell Wolves we strive to educate others about the habits and environment of wolves. We are a small ambassador program that focuses on animal training for events and media appearances in order to promote a positive image of wolves and their need in our ecosystem. Our rockstar is the grey wolf Stark who played Ralph the wolf in the summer blockbuster Rampage where he worked side by side with ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson. Stark’s understudies include Spock who has a calm loving demeanor and is great with children and also our main educational guest. Ender who is full of energy and very curious. Octavia who is a lovable princess. Andúril who is shy, but very motivated and eager to please. (Pan the crow and Eivor the owl are also available.) 

Our animals have a variety of experiences under their belt including interpersonal meet and greets, posing for magazines, as well as acting in commercials and music videos.

Con nooga cosplay burlesque

Theeeerrree Back!   Come join the lavish, rude and  sensual Drag Queens of Con Nooga as they mesmerize, entertain with more sassatude than ever.  

Friday Night 8:00pm on the Con Nooga Main Stage  and Saturday as well!