What Is Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator?

The Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator is a game developed by Thom Robertson. Artemis is specifically designed to “turn your living room into the bridge of a spaceship”. Each copy of Artemis running on a PC, Mac, or tablet connected to the LAN represents a duty station: Helm, Tactical, Science, Communications, Engineering, and so on.

Artemis is by design a social teamwork experience which requires direct communication with other participants. It’s more role-play and socializing than pure “computer game”, fitting in a niche between sci-fi LARP and LAN party. It’s very common for self-declared “non-gamers” to enjoy Artemis.

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Matt Ryan is the Trade Show Manager for Bezier Games Inc. He spends most of his time traveling throughout the US and internationally teaching Bezier Games. When not traveling, he helps with play testing and working with game designer Ted Alspach (founder of Bezier Games) as well as the rest of the Bezier Games crew.  Matt has been a huge game fan for over 5 years, but has only been in industry 2 years. Some of his favorite games are Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Clank! In Space, and Charterstone.

Bezier Games makes fun, surprising games for friends and family. Our games are accessible for all ages, but contain depth and nuance that bring experienced players back to the table. Variable play in our games creates a fresh experience every time. And our rich themes pull you into the game and bring you back for one more when it’s over. Games such as One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Castles of Mad King Ludwig are available at hobby and mass market stores worldwide. Bezier Games makes the new classics—the first game you open on game night and the last one you put away.

​​Since 2005, Radio Cult has performed over 1000 shows including conventions, casinos, weddings, fraternity parties, corporate events and festivals as well as in ...bars, concert halls and other music venues from their hometown of Atlanta, GA all the way to Los Angeles, CA and London, UK. The members of Radio Cult LOVE to play in a band and it shows. When the band has fun, the crowd has fun and with Radio Cult the crowd really has a blast! So what are you waiting for? Check out Radio Cult today!   Radio Cult is our only band to be @ every Con Nooga since 2008!

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Matt Ryan

Moon Haven Studio offers a hot and spicy fire show performed by our dangerous and delightful troupe, Dollies on Fire. We devour fire and dance in the flames with scythe, sword, and shimmies. Come see us by the fire pit as we light up the dead of night!

Con Nooga Burlesque & Drag Show

Dollies on Fire!