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Con Nooga Yearly Charity Application

Thank you for the interest in Con Nooga's yearly charity initiative! We are happy to provide an all-inclusive environment for all fans and friends! Con Nooga has been happy to help raise over $40,000 over the past 12 years. We have welcomed many charity groups to Con Nooga, through partnerships, donations, and promoting at the event.

Like any event we reboot and look at our internal donation processes, we are moving to donate to 4 charities as an official Con Nooga support per year. This does not deter other charities from taking part in other factions or promotions within Con Nooga. The yearly charity partners will be provided promotional space at the convention and the majority of on-site Con Nooga charity fundraising will be in support of these partners. We host several charity events throughout the weekend,. We encourage volunteers present to educate people and promote and have found this to be an impact on the fundraising efforts of our fans.

To participate as a charity partner with Con Nooga:

1. The organization must be a registered non-profit and must submit proof of active 501(c)(3) status.

2. The following organizations are NOT eligible for fundraising: a. Political organizations b. Lobby/special interest groups c. Religious affiliated organization

3. The organization must have ties, advertising, synergy, or be a direct endemic brand within the Chattanooga area. This includes programs focusing on literacy (comics), career development in media, fundraising involving games, education, etc. Charities that regularly work with fan events/groups/have fan focuses (i.e. Make a Wish working with the 501st Legion) are also a-ok! Organizations that affect large groups of our attendees are also welcome! While we do not have the space or ability to host all qualified charity organizations, we will make every effort to accommodate as many as possible!


2025 Con Nooga Charity Partners

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