It's Your CONTEST Con!   

Con Nooga offers a variety of contests and competitions:  

Plus we added the Notorious Greggo's Game Shows!

  • Con Nooga kiDz Track:
    • Disney Costume Contest
    • Costume Contest
    • Saber Idol Jr.
  • Saber Idol
  • ​Con Nooga Costume Contest
  • Star Wars vs Star Trek Debate
  • Harry Potter House Debate
  • Trash Can Cosplay
  • Mech Mania
  • LARP Tournament
  • ​Risque' Cosplay
  • Big Wheel Racing
  • ​Adult Big Wheels Charity Event (Drunken Big Wheels).
  • ​Charity Poker Event
  • Drag Race
  • ​Scream Queen
  • Several Gaming Tournaments and Events as well!

Con Nooga Costume contest / masquerade  

Has been revamped for 2019!   Details coming soon

Saber Idol- The Premier Lightsaber performance competition. Created by and for Con Nooga, we present contestants a chance to show their Jedi or Sith skills. Every contestant gets 30 seconds to show their skill. Judges grade you on Combat skill, Rhythm to the music, and Performance skills. Seven combat styles to choose from, hundreds of songs that ma be played, and a crowd of onlookers to cheer you on. What will you do to win a hand crafted lightsaber?

​​What’s Under my Kilt?
Here’s your chance ladies! Where else are you invited to reach under a mans kilt and guess what’s under there? Rubber chickens, Joy sticks, and one eyed lizards. It could be anything. Jump on stage and guess what is under the kilts of 5 strapping men. Prizes for the all contestants!

Trashcan Cosplay - Grab some of your closest friends (or people you want to cover in trash, we're not going to tell you how to live your life) and come laugh through an hour of debauchery, nerd trivia, and cosplay chaos!

Mech Mania: Do you have what it takes to defend cardboard Tokyo from the impending threat of ridiculous monsters? Good! Bring a team of your friends to build a mech in our timed, all hands on deck for hilarity competition! 

Tea Duels - The Traveling Revelers present, ConNooga’s Tea Duell: Test your nerve against your fellow man with tea and biscuits. Is there a question of honor that must be answered? Who has the steady hand and whose cookie is going to crumble? Join The Traveling Revelers as they present this all ages game. (Find out more about this sport from across the pond by going here: (     12-2pm Saturday

3rd Annual Con Nooga Wizengamot - Join the Con Nooga chapter of the Wizarding world's highest authority in yet another year of judging local wizards and witches accused of breaking magical law.  Take an partial stand against wizarding crime!
If you're brave enough, step forward and be judged yourself, or accuse your friends and do your best to get them convicted!