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Be sure to support and thank these amazing companies and groups for making our Gaming Hall(s) the best around! 

Broken Shores

Is Gaming your thing?   Lucky for you we have the largest and best gaming around!

Around 10,000 square feet of gaming can be found at Con Nooga  RPG, CCG, Board Gaming, if it's a game...  I bet you can find it at Con Nooga!

Come take a look into a fantasy horror live action role play game during an age of exploration to industrial era.
The Southlands, not much survives out here and the things that do survive are born of nightmares. Yet, here we are in Sorrow, the only city - if you can call it that - standing, with representatives from every Kingdom. We may not know of what this place holds, but I have a feeling we are to find out quicker than we hope.

World of Darkness LARP

World of Darkness LARP, (Live action Role Playing), set for evening play of the Historical Setting of England in the time of Henry the 8th.  This ever-flowing story of Vampires, Changelings, Mages, Werewolves, and those that hunt them.  You play as one of those special types in the events that take place in the time of Knights and Adventure.  For more information please check out