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With over 500 hours of content - we are always looking for people that can help provide us with some great panels, workshops, discussions or even contests!  

​More details on how YOU can get involved is coming....  Thanks for your patience!

PANELIST  Standard Operating Guidelines:  

Description: All panelists are required to be aware of and agree to abide by the terms of this policy before being able to submit a Panel Application. If there is anything you do not understand about this policy, please contact us before even considering submitting a panel or event.


Panel Submissions Close: October 1ST 2024

Schedule Change Request Cut Off: January 1st 2025

Panelist Change Request Cut Off: January 15th 2025

A panel can be a presentation, discussion, workshop, or game show about any genre or fandom. Panels can be fan-run by fellow attendees, guests, industry, or staff members. Panels can cater to a wide variety of audiences of all different ages. Make sure your event fits in with one of the many tracks of Con Nooga: Assure you do ample research, be prepared on your topic, and have all of your participants ready. Don’t pick a topic/show/workshop you know “a little” about and think you can just wing it! Supporting documentation, references from other conventions at which you hosted the panel, and very detailed descriptions are the most helpful for us when we are choosing which panels we choose for Con Nooga programming. Having flexibility in hours also helps us in placement as we do have to put in over 500 hours of programming!

If you are an improv/in-character performance group/event, musical or other entertainment group; you will be asked to provide references of past events, performances, or experience. So please add that to your submission to prevent delays. Good things to have for this are videos of performances, references from other events,and as much detail as possible.

Con Nooga welcomes all panels and is an all ages convention, and therefore 18+ events or panels will be pushed under our Nooga Nights Team (Our Adult Track) and be placed into later time slots (after 9pm). Con Nooga can not allow anything that may violate our agreements with the venue(s) (such as some food-based events) or compromise us legally. We ask that the primary host/ Moderator of each panel or event be at least 16 years old.

Each panel group must select one panel leader (Moderator). The Moderator will act as the point of contact for the group and has the responsibility of coordinating with Con Nooga staff about the details of their group’s panel(s). The Moderator is the only member of a panel that can make changes to a panel such as adding/removing panelists (unless a panelist is removing themselves), description/content changes, schedule change requests, etc. All concerns should be directed to our current programming team.. The Moderator is responsible for ensuring that all members of their group are up to date on everything regarding the panel(s) as well as know, understand and follow the Con Nooga Panelist Policy. Only the Moderator will be contacted regarding a panel’s status. Please share the information with your entire group as it will be the Moderator's responsibility.


All panel applications must undergo formal submission, review, and approval before the panel is included within the Con Nooga line up.

Con Nooga Tech Team ONLY supplies a projector/TV if requested. Panelists are required to provide all additional needed equipment. Our Tech team will be on site to assist with things and possibly have cables to use in case of emergency - but rule of thumb is to come prepared!

Con Nooga DOES NOT provide the following:Any sort of computer/laptop/tablets. Electronics outside of the projector/TV, and sound for larger events/panels, will not be provided. Any sort of cable needed to plug YOUR equipment into the technology we provide (projector, sound equipment, etc) If you need to know what type of cable is needed please email us!!   The Convention Center has free Wifi but due to traffic it may be slow or limited so please plan accordingly. Pens, Markers, Pencils or Sharpeners, Paper, Whiteboards, Sign Stands, or any other general office supplies. Panelists will need to provide these if they are required for their panel.

All decisions regarding acceptance or denial of panel requests are made at the sole discretion of the Con Nooga Programming Team. A panel may be denied with the exception that it can be re-considered if all management requested changes are made.

Panel applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis. Those who apply first have a greater chance of getting a panel slot and their requested date/time. After the deadline applications will be put on a wait list and will be considered only if we have space available.

A single panelist may not participate in more than 6 panels total. This is to avoid difficulty in scheduling everyone’s panels. If a Panelist is involved in 6 panels the 6th panel will likely be scheduled on the Sunday of the convention.

Changes must be submitted by either the panel Moderator or the panel member with the panel Moderator copied on the request email. After the submission deadline all Panels will be locked to the Panelists that are registered for it.

Panelists cannot limit the attendance to their panels outside of the room capacity. Panelists cannot provide preferred seating to their panels. This includes, but is not limited to, only allowing those in cosplay to enter, allowing family and friends to enter the panel first, etc. This excludes attendees who meet the ADA Act.

A panel cannot charge their attendees money. Panelists may not sell anything during their panel including but not limited to merchandise or supplies; unless granted permission by Con Nooga Board of Directors.

A panel may not pass out or sell ANY food or drink, store bought or home made. So please don't do it!


Any panel that is identified as adult material or may be viewed as inappropriate for minors by either the panelists during the panel application or by Con Nooga Programming Team during review will be marked as 18+. All panelists for 18+ panels must be 18 years of age or older on the day of the panel, no exceptions. Our Nooga Nights Adult team will schedule these type events.

Panel content that may be marked as 18+ upon review include, but are not limited to;

Adult Language/Cursing

Nudity/Nude or Partially Nude photos or videos


Yaoi / Yuri



Attendees for 18+ panels must present a government issued ID showing that they are 18 years of age at the time of the panel. No attendee will be admitted to an 18+ panel without the government issued ID. This includes Con Nooga staff wishing to attend an 18+ panel.


A $10 (3 Day Badge) / panelist membership is issued as a form of compensation for the service of conducting 5 or more panels for Con Nooga. A panelist membership badge provides admission equivalent to the purchase of a Full Weekend membership. It does not provide any back-stage or privileged access to the convention beyond the ability to conduct their specific panel during its allotted time period.

Panelist Membership Badges ARE NOT mailed out. You will pick them up at Registration during Con Nooga.

All membership badges are available for pick up in the Registration area of Con Nooga.

A photo ID is required by all Panelists age 16 or older to pick up their membership badge.

A panelist can only pick up their own membership badge, not co-panelist membership badges.

The discount for hosting 3 to 4 panels is $30 (3 Day Badge) for the first three panelists (Lead Panelist, Co-Panelist 1 or Co-Panelist 2) listed on a panel. Any additional panelists listed will not receive a discount on their membership. Participation in a 5th or 6th panel as one of the first three panelists listed will be able to purchase a $10 (3 Day Badge). Each panelist is tracked separately, meaning that if someone participates in one panel a group of friends and then participates in a second panel on their own, they would still receive the full discount.

There is no discount provided for panelists listed as Extra Panelists on a panel with more than 3 panelists and no additional discount provided for those listed as one of the first three panelists on more than 6 panels.

The discount does not apply on top of any other discounts .

If a membership is purchased prior to the approval of a panel request and application of their discount, NO REFUND will be provided. NO EXCEPTION will be granted under normal circumstances. If a panel is canceled a refund will not be granted.

If you lose your Con Nooga badge, you will have to purchase a new one. So please keep a close eye on your badge!

A maximum of three (3) discounted panelist membership may be granted per panel group (Lead Panelist, Co-Panelist 1 & Co-Panelist 2). You may have more than 3 panel members but additional panelists will not benefit from the discount and will need to pay full price for their memberships unless they are involved in other panels where they are listed as one of the first 3 panelists.

All listed panelists for a specific panel must take part in performing the panel. Anyone not performing in the panel they are registered for will have their applied panel membership discount revoked.

If you are also an Artist / Vendor or Guest participating in Exhibit Hall; your Exhibitor badge takes priority over your panelist membership. You will not have 2 membership badges; you will only have an Exhibitor badge.

If a panel group was a no show at the previous year for Con Nooga they will not be eligible to receive a panelist membership or host a panel for the current year.


All panels are a minimum of 1 hour long. Any panels needing more time (1:30, 1:45, 2 hours, etc.) will have to be approved by the Con Nooga Programming Team.

Panelists MUST begin wrap-up a minimum of 10 minutes before the scheduled ending time. This is so they will be able to tear down and end in time for the next panel to begin. If people are wanting to discuss it more or ask more questions feel free to tell them to meet you in the hallway to continue the discussion so to not interrupt Con Nooga's programming schedule. Our Staff will enforce this.

Panels that begin late due to late arrival and/or problems setting up equipment that was not provided by Con Nooga will still be required to end as scheduled.

Panels that begin more than 15 minutes late due to the late arrival of the panelists will be evaluated and noted for future reference and no consideration for future events.

Con Nooga Programming team must be informed in the event of an emergency or other occurrence that will prevent the panelists from conducting their scheduled panel(s).

Con Nooga retains the right to reschedule a panel to a different time or room at any time for any reason. The Panel Moderator will be notified if any changes are made to their panel.

Panelists may request a change to the scheduled date/time for their panel but remember time slots and room locations are given out on a first come first serve basis.

Panelists must inform us of when they are absolutely not available due to arrival/departure times, work schedules, or involvement in other Con Nooga events or contests etc while filling out the Panel Application. We will consider this when placing panels into the schedule. We must be informed of this in the application form. Any times selected as available will be considered during scheduling.


Panelists must be aware that people using wheelchairs or scooters will be requested to park in front of the first row. Or on the end of one of the two front rows. Con Nooga staff may, at their discretion, either A) allow them to enter during setup time (preferred), or B) allow the handicapped party to enter first once the room is ready and hold the line back until they are seated.

All panel rooms are seated on a first come first serve basis. They will be cleared of attendees after each panel has ended.

Panelists MAY NOT seat friends or family before anyone else in line unless they fall under the ADA Policy.

Con Nooga does not allow priority entry. Panelists may not only allow certain groups to enter the room (such as only attendees in cosplay outfits), or allow certain groups to enter before others are admitted into the panel. The line will be let in as a first come first serve while keeping the ADA policy in mind.

Panelists must yield to Con Nooga Programming Staff and Management decisions. Any violation of this may result in panels being cancelled and the offending panelist(s) being prohibited from applying to participate in future Con Nooga conventions. This includes following direction given by staff, and conduct with staff. Belligerent and/or rude encounters will be subject to disciplinary action.

Panelists must begin their panel within 10 minutes of the start time. If pre-setup is required it needs to be done and the line let in by 10 minutes past start.


Panelists are expected to behave in a professional manner when coordinating with Con Nooga staff and while conducting panels at the convention.

Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. It is Con Nooga staff’s right to determine what is considered inappropriate.

Panelists may not consume alcohol just before or while conducting a panel.

Panelists may not offer food and/or drink to attendees while conducting a panel without prior approval of Con Nooga.

Behavior deemed inappropriate during panels where legal minors (defined as those under 18 years of age) may attend could result in the termination of a panel in progress and/or the cancellation of a panel group’s scheduled panel(s).

18+ panels – Government issued ID will be checked at the door. No panelist participating in this panel may be below the age of 18.

Panelists may not present materials that violate copyright or other intellectual property rights within the United States. Reasonable Fair Use exceptions may apply. See this link for more information


All disciplinary actions are at the discretion of Panel Programming management and may vary in severity based on the violation. Violation of the terms of this policy may result in:

Termination of a panel in progress and/or cancellation of a panel group’s scheduled panel(s)

Membership badges which have the panelist membership discount applied will be revoked.

Probation for the next convention year that a group requests to conduct a panel.

Panelists violating the terms of this policy while on probation will be subject to being banned from conducting a panel for a minimum of two convention years. During this time, banned panelists may not submit panel requests to Con Noogal or act as panelists during the convention.

Extreme violation of the terms of this policy will result in immediate banning from conducting panels at Con Nooga for a period of no less than two years and may result in a permanent ban. It is up to Con Nooga staff to decide the severity of the violation.


If you do not receive an email from us after you have sent an email, or received one from the mailing list, please check in your junk e-mail folder as it may be there. We recommend that you add the following emails to your address book or to your SPAM “good” list or “whitelist”. Doing so will help identify us as an organization you recognize and expect to receive email from. It also allows our messages to reach you in a quick and timely manner

All submissions are evaluated and reviewed by our Senior Team. Your submission does NOT GUARANTEE placement, but we will respond to every submission. If you DO NOT get a response within 14 days please email our team at

We strive for and rely highly upon superb programming and entertainment. We love seeing new, old and out of the box content and anything that pertains to pop culture or within our massive scope of multi-fandom. Sell us on your topic by including every detail as well as any technical needs.

**We DO NOT provide laptops but will provide projectors, PAs, or TVs for presentations - please bring your own cables as we are limited on quantity of those as well, and they are on a first requested/first serve basis.

Do not be upset if we do not accept your submission - there may already be a similar submission. However we may request to allow others on your panel or you to assist with theirs if we get multiple submissions of one topic. It's always a tough decision but also very valuable to see your favorite fandom from other people's perspectives - so remember to work with us and your fellow fans as we all want the same thing - sharing our passions to make it your Con!

We offer a FREE badge for someone presenting 6 hours of programming or 12 hours of volunteering for Con Nooga. We also work with individuals who want to combine volunteer hours as well as programming hours.

PLEASE SUBMIT ANY PROGRAMMING BEFORE October 25th. Any programming submitted after this date may not be considered or if accepted will be placed in open slots remaining within our time frames. We appreciate your continued and valued support and look forward to working with you.

The Con Nooga Team