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At Wildefell Wolves we strive to educate others about the habits and environment of wolves. We are a small ambassador program that focuses on animal training for events and media appearances in order to promote a positive image of wolves and their need in our ecosystem. Our rockstar is the grey wolf Stark who played Ralph the wolf in the summer blockbuster Rampage where he worked side by side with ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson. Stark’s understudies include Spock who has a calm loving demeanor and is great with children and also our main educational guest. Ender who is full of energy and very curious. Octavia who is a lovable princess. Andúril who is shy, but very motivated and eager to please. (Pan the crow and Eivor the owl are also available.)

Our animals have a variety of experiences under their belt including interpersonal meet and greets, posing for magazines, as well as acting in commercials and music videos.

Alex Hom is a passionate Dallas, TX based actor with work spanning stage performance, commercials, movies, anime, and video games. With 15+ years of acting experience he has professionally pursued opportunities within the industry for the past decade. He hopes to continue his journey in voiceover and acting in general for many years to come while simultaneously being a source of information, advice and (hopefully) inspiration to those who need it, promising to be the person he always needed when he was younger.
While acting as a whole is his passion, voiceover, particularly in anime, is where Alex shows what he's made of. He has been a part of numerous shows within the past few seasons including: "Aoshi", "Attack on Titan", "Chainsaw Man", "Date A Live", "Kaguya-sama: Love is War", "Love After World Domination", and many more. His most notable roles include: Daniel Fou Durland in "Trapped in a Dating Sim", Tryton Du Diento in "Skeleton Knight in Another World", Yoshida in "Higehiro", and most recently as the fire-y haired big-brother figure: Rensuke Kunigami in "Blue Lock". Aside from anime, Alex also has a handful of credits in live-action dubbing, as well as video games.
Alex is honored to attend this convention and would love to meet any and all guests, con-goers, and others during his time here. Happy to meet you all and make new friends along the way! (The real treaure).

As a Texas based actor, Drew Breedlove has been a professional in the entertainment industry for several years. Whether it’s performing on stage, in front of a camera, or behind a microphone, he does it all.
While he’s worked on numerous commercials over the years, one of his favorite roles is his most recent, portraying the insecure “Jamie” in the Hallmark-inspired film, “LOVE, GAME, MATCH,” on Amazon Prime Video.
Whenever he’s not in front of a camera, he’s behind a microphone. With over thirty-four animated series to his name, it’s quite possible you’ve heard him in some of your favorite animes like “ONE PIECE,” “FIRE FORCE,”  “FAIRY TAIL,” “THE DISASTROUS LIFE OF SAIKI K,” and many more. His most notable characters are “Akimasa Noro” in “TSUREDURE CHILDREN,” “Futoshi” in “THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU: THE ANIMATION,” “Jade Raven” in “THE FRUIT OF EVOLUTION: BEFORE I KNEW IT, MY LIFE HAD IT MADE,” and his biggest role to date (Also his absolute favorite) is the bestest boy with a monster inside him “Meguru Bachira” in the popular series “BLUELOCK.”
Drew would absolutely love to see you, so make sure to come by his table and say hi!! :)

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Alex Hom

Drew Breedlove


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