Alice Infinity Cosplay is a cosplayer of 8 years based out of the big city of Atlanta, GA. She mainly cosplays from anime and video games and is obsessed with anything Love Live or Fate related. Alice is more than just a cosplayer with Autism. She is also a photographer, gamer, cosplay shop reviewer, master of selfies and idol girl extraordinaire. Before discovering the cosplay world, Alice struggled with finding a place she could fit in and make friends. Alice never had very many friends growing up. But Alice had a love for video games, manga, comic books, and anime throughout her school years. One day on a whim she went to a local convention and cosplayed as a character from one of favorite animes and felt like for the first time she really belonged. People in this new geek filled community made her feel like she wasn’t so different. Alice likes to now share her experiences and adventures with autism with her followers to connect, help and maybe inspire others to cosplay or follow their own passions regardless of what makes you different from anyone else. Alice is also the founder of Legends of Wonderland. A group whose members are cosplayers that picked based on their commitment to being positive and helpful in the cosplay community. Alice is also a co-photographer and an assistant for two photographers, Emerald Coast Cosplay and Prism Paradox Photography. When Alice is not cosplaying or modeling,she likes to spend time working on her next big cosplay project, painting, watching anime, playing video games and watching other people play video games on YouTube or Twitch. Alice always strives to be the best she can be as a person and to be a cosplayer that people can look up to. Furthermore, she is always learning from her fellow cosplayers, so she can constantly improve and grow as a cosplayer and person.

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Twitter: Lil8bitAlice

MagickUnicorn is a gaming content creator and Mixer Partner focused on community building and diversified content. She primarily livestreams Destiny 2, but also has experience with Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Halo.  Outside of livestreaming she has hosted and casted dozens of events both live and online. A main emphasis of her channel is giving everyone a place to belong and forming bonds through the common ground of gaming. 
When she's not gaming online, Magick enjoys spending time with her husband and two children on their boat or at Disney World. She also has held several roles in esports from event management, broadcast production, community management, and currently works as a Partnership Associate with

For more information find her on Twitter@AMagickUnicorn.


Magick Unicorn

Robot Giggles

“Babs the Bat is a cosplayer, actress, and costumer. She is best known for her Batgirl cosplay, but has worked on costumes for televisions shows like MacGuyver, and designed costumes for short films as well as herself and her family.

She is a film and stage actor, and also works for a Dungeons and dragons miniatures company. In her little bit of free time she enjoys partaking in events with Cosplay Volunteers of Atlanta.”

Alice Infinity Cosplay

RobotGiggles is a streamer, cosplayer, and all around nerd. When she’s not streaming some FPS game she enjoys outdoor sports with her husband or watching sci-fi movies. For the last two years she has been enjoying a partnership with Mixer along with creating many cosplays from the games that she loves the most. Cosplays from games such as Apex Legends, Fallout 4, Fortnite, and many more are some of her favorites. She loves the way that gaming brings people together and lets her meet new people from all around the world. If you see her (and if you recognize her under all that costume!) don’t be afraid to say hi!

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Babs the bat

Affliction Media Productions

Con Nooga It's Your Con!

Is a full time professional photography/Media team that started back in 2011. They specialize in professional photography, videography and cosplay creations based in the south east.

Their unique Award winning photo work with practical effects has gained them a huge name in the cosplay media world.
Being featured by, kotaku , Rooster Teeth, Blizzard, Bethesda, HRX, Hi-Rez studios and more.

Chase Lawrence and his team are excited to be back at Connooga to bring you not only a opportunity to gain a photo shoot but to bring you behind the scenes of their every day work with practical effects and more creating the artwork you see today.