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Matthew Elkins

Bam, bang, pow, and haha these are the sounds that make Matthew Elkins happy!! As an entertainer, he always wants his audience to feel like they have been taken to the next level and left in Awwww. He has left audiences with this feeling in his voice acting in shows like Blue Lock, Reign of the seven spell blades, One piece ,Beast Tamer, Natsume's Book of Friends, Trigun Stampede and many more. However, you may have seen Matthew rather than just heard his voice because he has appeared in several live-action shows alongside some of the greatest actors of our time such as Sam Elliott and Tim McGraw in (Yellowstone) 1883 or maybe you saw him getting into some trouble with the Nickelodeon’s “Dude Perfect” gang . Just ask him, he would love to tell you about it! When Matthew is not on screen, you can find him having sword fights and doing live horseback jousting because Matthew is a Knight at Medieval Times Dallas where he WOW’S the crowd with life-threatening stunts! 

Matthew Elkins loves his career and can't wait to see everyone….BAM, BANG, BOOM!!!!!!!!


At Wildefell Wolves we strive to educate others about the habits and environment of wolves. We are a small ambassador program that focuses on animal training for events and media appearances in order to promote a positive image of wolves and their need in our ecosystem. Our rockstar is the grey wolf Stark who played Ralph the wolf in the summer blockbuster Rampage where he worked side by side with ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson. Stark’s understudies include Spock who has a calm loving demeanor and is great with children and also our main educational guest. Ender who is full of energy and very curious. Octavia who is a lovable princess. Andúril who is shy, but very motivated and eager to please. (Pan the crow and Eivor the owl are also available.)

Our animals have a variety of experiences under their belt including interpersonal meet and greets, posing for magazines, as well as acting in commercials and music videos.

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