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Con Nooga Rules & Policies

* Con Nooga reserves the right to remove anyone who is violating the rules or otherwise preventing others from their enjoyment of the Con from the convention premises, without a refund.

* When you are in the convention areas, you must wear your badge. Lost badges will NOT be replaced. Badges must be worn and visible at all times. If you lose your badge you will be required to purchase a new one at full price.

* No running or other roughhousing on the Con premises except where it has been approved or for certain events.

* Please try to keep behavior and actions family friendly during normal con hours of 9AM to 9PM. Please understand that we consider ourselves a family friendly con during the day time hours but also encourage a nightlife after 9PM. Be respectful about others around you. Anyone deemed not adhering to this rule will be subject to rule #1.

* Please do not damage the hotels or Chattanooga Convention Center. Damaging any property will qualify any member for rule number #1, and any damage costs will be charged to said member.

* Bladed weapons must be sheathed unless during a photo opportunity. All prop-weapons must remain holstered or otherwise safely kept. Airsoft weapons used as props are acceptable as long as the battery pack is removed; it has no ammo and otherwise is unable to shoot. All other “real” weapons are approved but for photo opportunities only.. We will give you 1 warning. Second may result in Rule #1.

* Smoking areas are available outside in designated areas. This also includes e-cigarettes and other vaping devices. All facilities are clearly NO SMOKING ZONES.

* Con Nooga cannot permit unauthorized vendors to sell anything at the convention.   We also do not allow unauthorized soliciting of any kind. 

* Con Nooga is not responsible for items lost, missing, or stolen during the convention.

* Con Nooga loves Kids and after all we hope to bring a new generation of freaks and geeks loose upon the world! We do ask that parents take an active role in monitoring the events in which their children participate. A Kids Badge requires an Adult to be accompanying them at ALL TIMES.

* Con Nooga requests that while in the convention areas prior to 9pm – all costumes should be suitable and appropriate for the general public. Costumes of adult nature or otherwise inappropriate nature are all bound by Tennessee law. Your nips and bits must be covered at all times.

* Please do not block the hallways.  Keep moving and/or move to the side or a less busy area to meet up or have conversations.  

* All local, state, and federal laws, statutes, and ordinances must be followed

* All events that are marked 18+ are strictly 18+. Anyone under 18+ will be removed from the event unless accompanied by a parent/ legal guardian. Any 21+ events are not suitable for anyone under the age of 21.

Harassment Policy

Con Nooga has  a no tolerance harassment policy both at the convention site and via any social networks, blogs, or websites during the convention.  Any violators will be removed from the convention area, any posts removed from online sources and violators will be permanently banned from future conventions with no refund of any funds spent. Con Nooga is an active participant with the Cosplay is not consent movement. Con Nooga reserves the right to deny membership to any individual who has practiced harassment or bullying either at other conventions or on social media sites.

We encourage anyone who feels harassed to make a report to Con Nooga Operations, Valkyries, Board of Directors or our security staff. If harassment is happening outside the Convention area; or if you feel you are in imminent danger, please call 911.


By accepting your badge you should expect that your image might show up in pictures. We ask that anyone taking photographs respect requests from those who do not want their picture taken but we can not guarantee you may be captured within group shots or by media photographers.

If you want to take a picture with a cosplayer or other individuals; please ask and respect their decision - even if they say "no".    

Costume and Group pictures/Hallway Traffic – Please do not block Hallway Traffic while taking pictures. Con Nooga Security will ask you to find a less trafficked place to take pictures. There are plenty of nice backdrops for pictures around all our venues.   We will gladly set aside space for group photos or work with you to set up a group photo shoot,  

These rules are subject to change.

Con Nooga reserves the right to ban or remove anyone for violations of any rules at any time.   Be  Smart, Be Kind, Be Courteous, Be Understanding.