Daniel Peyton lives near the Great Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee. Dan is the Bestselling author of the Legacy of Dragonwand fantasy series and the superhero trilogy Bark; part of the Cosby Media Productions Dedicated Superhero Universe or CMPDSU. Dan is very talented, using his creative mind to not only weave amazing stories together, but to also illustrate his characters on paper as well. You may find many of Dan’s drawing exploits on his social media platforms. Along with being a member of the embroidery guild, Dan is also an award winning stitcher, graphic artist, stage performer, and cook. Earth’s Last Starship is Dan’s first official endeavor into Scifi.

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Braxton A. Cosby is the multi-award winning and bestselling author and screenwriter of YA Sci-fi, Christian fiction and Super-Hero novels. He is also the creator of the highly acclaimed My Life in Story Series. When he’s is not writing, he spends his time traveling, inspiring, and sharing his testimony of God’s faithfulness. Braxton is also an accomplished actor and model, being casts in multiple projects from comedies, dramas, and of course, superhero short films. Braxton is the CEO of Cosby Media Productions, a media content production company that endeavors to Entertain the Mind and Inspire the Soul. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his fabulous wife and 4 children.  
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Kenyon is the author of the urban fantasy series "Chronicles of Stephen," which presently includes three titles, "Choice of the Mighty," "Trials of the Mighty," and "Redemption of the Mighty." He is also a contributor for Kingdom Man Magazine, an online publication "helping men become the kings of their home, community, and destiny." He enjoys telling stories that will entertain, engage, and inspire the reader with the hopes of planting a desire to be and do more—to be Mighty.  
Kenyon T. Henry


Growing up, David Joel Stevenson wanted to be four things: a musician, an author, an actor and a veterinarian.  After many years of writing songs and poetry and landing whatever acting roles he could, he realized the common thread between three of his passions: stories.
Whether it was on a stage set to music, or read by dim light after the rest of the world slept, at the core of his expression was always the desire to tell a story.  You only have about three minutes to have a beginning, climax, and end in a song.  A book generally has at least two hundred pages, and a movie is about two hours, but you have to keep your audience’s attention.  Either way, a good story will make the time spent observing worth it.
He gave up on being a veterinarian because he doesn’t like blood.  But he does have a small farm.

Keith Robinson is the author of 22 fantasy and sci-fi books suitable for
all ages and best known for the Island of Fog fantasy books and the
spin-off Legacies series. Also the author of the Sleep Writer sci-fi
adventures, the dark fantasy Quincy's Curse, and the two-book Fractured
tale co-authored with Brian Clopper. He publishes three books a year and
is currently working on the fifth Sleep Writer book. As soon as that's
done, he'll be moving on to the eleventh book in the Island of Fog series.

By day, Keith is a self-employed website designer with a wife, daughter,
small dog, and four cats. Originally from England, he moved to the
United States in 2001 where he now resides in the sticks of Chickamauga,


Keith Robinson

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David Joel Stevenson

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Gil Hough was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised on the waters of Lake St. Clair, spending the majority of his youth reading and boating. After graduating from Grand Valley State University, where he mostly studied his love of the sport of rowing, he left for various adventures which included several years of non-violent reconciliation work in Northern Ireland through the Brethren Volunteer Service, working with refugees from Central America seeking political asylum and teaching English as a second language in Torreon, Mexico.

Gil eventually settled in Knoxville, Tennessee where he resides today. After spending four years organizing Appalachian communities, he worked as the Tennessee Director of Renewable Programs at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, until he moved on to developing renewable projects with RSI EnTech. He is a founding member of TenneSEIA (Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association) where he serves as the Executive Director, advocating for the orderly and sustained development of solar energy.

In his spare time, he likes to tell stories including his epic fantasy series The Order of the Lion and his supernatural thriller series The Throne of Hearts now available as audiobooks!  He enjoys interacting with his readers by emailing Gil at gilhough@yahoo.com Follow Gil on Twitter at @gilhough, facebook at @authorgilhough or you can keep up with his latest stories by visiting his website at http://www.gilhough.com

Clay Gilbert has been hearing the voices of aliens, vampires, and people from the future since about the age of four. It wasn't long before he started to think taking notes on what they said might be a good idea. This has led him many places--through the halls and classrooms of many schools, where he's been both in front of the teacher's desk and behind it, himself--to presenter's podiums at conventions, and, most often, to the comfortable chair behind his writing desk at home, where he uses his Dell computer as both a beacon and a translator for the voices that still find their way through from countless worlds and planes of existence. Clay's work in various genres has been in print since his first short science fiction story, "The Computer Conspiracy," was published in Scholastic magazine when he was just thirteen. He holds an M.A. in English literature from Auburn University, and an M.F.A. in Fiction Writing from the University of South Carolina. Clay is the author of the science fiction novels Annah: Children of Evohe, Book One, Annah and the Exiles: Children of Evohe, Book Two, Annah and the Gates of Grace: Children of Evohe, Book Three and Eternity, as well as the vampire novel Dark Road to Paradise. The Children of Evohe novels will be available from Dark Moon Press this fall. His current projects include an urban fantasy novel called The Kind, as well as Cassie's Song, a sequel to Dark Road to Paradise. He has also served as the Chief Editor for PDMI Publishing, and has been a member of the volunteer staff for DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia for the past decade, where he's frequently shared panel space with Dark Moon Press' own Eric Vernor. He lives and works in Knoxville, TN. His author blog can be found at https://portalsandpathways.wordpress.com/, and the official website for his Children of Evohe novels resides at https://childrenofevohe.com/. 

Dan Jolley began writing professionally at age 19. Starting out in comic books, Dan has worked for major publishers such as DC (Firestorm), Marvel (Dr. Strange), Dark Horse (Aliens), and Image (G.I. Joe), and soon branched out into licensed-property novels (Star Trek), film novelizations (Iron Man), and original novels, including the Middle Grade Urban Fantasy series Five Elements and the Urban Sci-Fi Gray Widow Trilogy. Dan began writing for video games in 2007, and has contributed storylines, characters, and dialogue to titles such as Transformers: War for Cybertron, Prototype 2, and Dying Light, among others.

His latest work marks his first foray into the Mystery/Thriller realm, with the “Southern-fried Stephen King” novel The Storm.

Dan lives with his wife Tracy and a handful of largely inert felines in northwest Georgia, and enjoys connecting with readers via his website (www.danjolley.com) and on Facebook (facebook.com/dan.jolley1) and Twitter (@_DanJolley).

Tamara Lowery, author of the Waves of Darkness series and the Steampunk serial The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe, is a native of Chattanooga. Although currently out of publication, each of the seven Waves of Darkness titles placed in the top ten in the Horror Novel category of the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll. Tamara is currently writing book eight in the series, the start of a new story arc for her pirate-turned-vampire Viktor Brandewyne. The first season of Pigg & Woolfe is now past the halfway point with the recent release of episode seven, Double Jeopardy, on Kindle.     
  She currently works in the automotive industry and resides with her husband, the Rottentots (Wally & Louie), and the Wreckin' Krewe (Star & Cricket-of-Boundless-Energy). This, of course, makes her just one reproductively neutralized cat shy of being an Official Crazy Cat Lady. 

Daniel Peyton