While Press members are encouraged to participate in panels as attendees, Con Nooga expects members of the press to observe and report on the event. Press members are not to be on panels unless either the Director of Programming or the Convention Chairperson arranges this.

Distinction Between Press Passes and Press Credentials

A Press Pass is a complimentary admission to Con Nooga for the purpose of covering the convention for a specified media outlet.

Press Credentials are a badge endorsement that indicates that the person is a member of the press, as given by their organization. We do not recognize this unless it was allowed by the Board of Directors or Con Chairman. All Press should request a Press Pass in order to attend or participate inside of Con Nooga.

Working Press, Alternative Media/Small Press Media and Genre Press and Fandom

Working Press includes those people employed by established media outlets such as television and radio stations, newspapers, and other forms of news coverage, who are on assignment from those outlets. Working Press may include reporters, editors, and journalists for news outlets. Members of the Working Press are eligible to request press passes and credentials. Verification of status may be required.

Alternative Press/Small Press Media includes established niche Magazines, Blog, Review Sites, Podcasts and Vidcasts. Groups of the Alternative Press/Small Press Media are eligible to receive up to two (2) Press Passes. These passes are intended for reporters, editors, and journalists, and are not intended for those who are not journalists. Any other journalist beyond the first two can receive Press Credentials with a discounted pass. (Discounted Press Rate).

Con Nooga welcomes qualified members of press, and media outlets to attend for the purpose of coverage of the event, as well as for the coverage of partners, exhibitors, and speakers attending Con Nooga. Official media applications can be submitted below. We only accept those who had provided qualified credentials and/or have past history of coverage.
Our team will review Press Pass requests and may ask detailed questions or require copies of articles and photos for trade of Press Passes.

Con Nooga reserves the right to deny Press Passes for any reason, and to limit the amount of Press Passes and credentials issued.

Applications for Press and Online Personality professionals now available below! Deadline is November 1st, 2019. Any applications after November 1st will not be guaranteed approval.

When applying for press passes:

Please provide references to articles, video blogs, publications, websites, youtube, etc that feature your work

-If you have covered Con Nooga in the past, please provide us with a copy or link if possible.

-Your application will be reviewed and may require follow up questions.

-Your approved application for a Press Pass requires follow up and links to your reviews, video and images to our team as coverage. We will gladly give you credit for all media, images etc we use.

Con Nooga  Media Application

EACH REPORTER /APPLICANT needs to fill out this application.    Deadline is JANUARY 1st,  .  Any applications after this date will not be guaranteed approval. Regional/national print and broadcast media will still be reviewed as well.   Photographers who are approved for Media Passes are prohibited from charging for photography sessions during Con Nooga.  

Media Approval will be based on, but not limited to the following factors:  Number of reporters applying per category and overall  Quality of coverage submitted .  Your  Audience reach and content consistency is key as well.   Social media following and engagement and your overall professionalism.   

APPLICATION WILL BE LINKED BY MAY 1st - stay tuned as we finalize things!

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