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* What, when, and where is Con Nooga?

Con Nooga 2022 will take place over 3 +days,  at the Chattanooga Convention Center in Chattanooga, TN. Con Nooga is a multi-genre fan convention encompassing Anime, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Literature, Kids, Gaming (video gaming, board and card gaming, Live Action role play gaming), Comics and Cosplay, and a few more fandom things held every year the week after Valentines Weekend.  For official hours of each area – please see Hours section within FAQ

* Is there a Map or details about what is happening?

Yes, maps and schedules will be available on our Con Nooga App. As soon as we get the latest App up and running we will share it on our Social Media as well as website. Looking for a place to host meetups or photo shoots? Let us know and we can help or even add it to the App and/or schedule!

* Are there places to eat around the convention?

Con Nooga works with several local food trucks . Chattanooga also has numerous other opportunities to sit down and eat or even deliver to you. Check the App for more food inquiries.

* Can children attend Con Nooga?

Con Nooga is for everyone, of all ages. We even have an entire track dedicated to Kids! Con Nooga is intended to be an all-ages event especially during the day. Parents are encouraged to bring children, and not worry about excessively adult material. Con Nooga takes many steps to ensure that the day time (prior to 8pm events) at Con Nooga are appropriate for most age groups. We do require any Kids Badge holder to be accompanied by an adult badge holder at all times.

* Is Con Nooga an event ONLY for children?

Not at all! In addition to some great all-ages events, we have entire track targeted at smaller kids (workshops and panels just for kids) We also have our Nooga Nights team that hosts events for the older folks (Burlesque Shows, Room Parties, Adult Events, Contests and so much more!)

* Where can I stay for the convention?

Please see the Hotels section of the website.

* Where can I park?

Yes, most hotels we work with have parking as well as several parking garages attached to or very near the Convention Center.

* I am under 16 years old/do not have a form of ID, why do I need a guardian to sign in with me?

Con Nooga is held in downtown Chattanooga. Minors are always welcome to attend the convention, but Con Nooga is an entertainment event, not a babysitting service. We encourage parents to accompany their kids when at the convention, and suggest that families take some time while in Chattanooga to see some of the attractions in the local area (Ruby Falls, Rock City, Tennessee Aquarium, Civil War Museums, Tow Truck Museum, and so much more). We have no way to verify identity for registration if an attendee does not have a valid, identifiable form of ID, so we require that attendees without IDs have a friend (with valid ID) or parent/guardian to sign in with them.

* Where is Registration located?   Where is the Vendor Hall?  Where is Gaming?  Where are Panels and Workshops?

Registration is located near Marriott entrance of Convention Center Also Operations and Security can be found nearby.  The vendor hall is located in Hall A.   Gaming is in Hall B.   To get a better grasp on all our events and detailed interactive maps - please check our App!

* Where can I sign up for contests or events ?

Due to numerous people signing up and never showing up - we have revised our methods and you just show up 20 minutes  or even 45 minutes before events (or more depending on the event - you may want to get there earlier).   Sign ups happen prior to the event  and may be limited as well.  So make plans to arrive early if it is a must do event! 

*I wantto see the schedule but I don't have a smart phone!  

We have been utilizing an App for our schedule for over 7 years.   *(Saving trees and the planet!)  However our information Booth team is capable of printing a schedule or you can see what is happening via our website version of the App as well.   Or each panel room has what is happening in the room o assist attendees too.

*Do I have to cosplay or dress up in a costume?  

Not at all!   Attendees are welcome to come in any attire  (well as long as it meets state of Tennessee laws)   Cosplay, T-Shirts, Furries, Pajamas, - come as you are amd whatever makes you happy!     

* Who are  Your  Guests?  or  why is this guest or event not  at Con Nooga?

While we wish to bring exactly the types of guests that our attendees want to see, sometimes guests are not available/don’t do conventions/cost far more than we could hope to afford to bring them. We evaluate each year to bring new and requested guests, so just because you don’t see your favorite celebrity this year, request them and we’ll see what we can do about the future! Guests are also subject to conflicting schedules, family events, and other conventions that have asked them to attend. Con Nooga relies on more content over guests as well. So our goal has always been to bring a huge variety of entertainment as well as guests who can provide even more content!

Events @ Con Nooga need one of three things to get off of the ground: 1) the ability to happen (we have to have the space/capability to put the event on), 2) an enthusiastic staff sponsor, or 3) a reliable outside group that we’ve worked with previously willing to run them. Numerous events that we receive requests for are outside of our control at our current venue and several others have no one willing to run them and no interest from the staff.. That is not to say that events are not evaluated each year and they might prove to be an option in the future. We are always up for options and new events!

* Can I request a refund on my Con Nooga  membership?

Unfortunately we do not allow refunds. We will transfer your badge for a small fee of $10 per badge transfer fee.  

^ Are there any deals, coupons or specials?  

Yes and No.  Easy peazy! 

We also have a sliding scale rate on badges,  Earlier you purchase the cheaper it is for all!    So our suggestion is to purchase early!    Also catch us at events regionally as we normally have fun ways to earn a free badge. 

^ What is a membership badge to Con Nooga and what does it allow me to do? 

Membership is the same as admission and allows you to attend seminars, panels, workshops**, contests, vendor hall, entertainment shows etc.   Almost anything within the Con Nooga event parameters.  ** The only time there may be more costs would be for a Make and Take Workshop that requests extra payment to cover costs of materials. **   There are pre show events on Thursday that may also request a donation or small entry fee.   Merchandise, autographs, commissions, vendor specific events etc are NOT part of the the membershipand will be required further payment. 

* What is a panel ? 

Panels are the foundation and huge part of Con Nooga as we strive to bring informative and fun to all.   So what is a panel?   A classroom setting where you can learn, discuss, debate, or listen to experts or other fans who can share knowledge or even the love of a certain skill set, genre, topic etc.   Examples:  (Intro to Cosplay,  History of Video Gaming,  Manga Mania,   Comic Collecting 101, etc)   The possibilities are endless!   

A panel can be a forum for attendees to discuss their fandoms and meet others who also enjoy that fandom etc.  

^ Can I purchase a badge for someone else?   Can I also pick up someone else's badge that was pre - ordered?

Sure!   Purchase for the family, friends, a group.   We will require proof of ID and Order # when picking up badges, 

Pre-orders we require a photo ID, and the order barcode or order number for verification.  

* I noticed photographers taking numerous photos?  Why and where are these images used?

True.  They are sneaky and like getting large groups or unsuspecting special moments!    By accepting your Con Nooga badge you are allowing our photographers to "shoot" you , your family and friends.   All photos taken are merely for promotional and historical purposes (as there are so many events this enables our founders and board to see all the fun they miss!)   You, your family, friends and new family and friends you make at Con Nooga may star in promotional videos etc in the future.   

* Can I promote my event or sell items out of my backpack? 

We CAN NOT and DO NOT allow anyone promoting, selling or harassing our attendees unless you have been granted permission to have a booth or written permission from the Board of Directors OR have purchased space within our vendor hall(s).   Any items being sold must be within the Vendor Hall.   If you are caught soliciting, promoting or selling items; Con Nooga will eject you and possibly ban you and your organization from any Con Nooga events.    Con Nooga reserves the right to eject and possibly ban anyone from convention space at any time.  

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