So What is Con Nooga all about? 

Some people refer to Comic Cons or Celebration of certain Geek or Pop Culture.   Con Nooga celebrates all fandoms and all genres.  Some shows focus on guests but we primarily focus on programming, entertainment, workshops, contests, interaction and networking.   We have over 500+ hours of content in a mere 3 days.   Covering all genres, fandoms, pop culture and pretty much anything geek to freak!   We have over 23 rooms of programming every hour and 3 total stages.  

What is "Con Nooga"?

​Most people know Comic Con or Fan Convention - So that's exactly what we are but with some extra umph!   We are a ​Con​vention located in Chatta​nooga​.  Therefore we named it ​ConNooga!  ​We celebrate the fans of all fandoms never focusing on just one genre or fandom but embracing all genres and fandoms.  From Anime, Artists, Authors, Vendors, Gaming, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, British Media, Kidz, Comics, Console Gaming, LARPS, Films, Paranormal, Cosplay and anything else that finds a home at Con Nooga.  Contests, Workshops, Seminars, Concerts, other Entertainment; we strive to bring a variety of fun and exciting things all weekend long. 

​Where is Con Nooga located?

In the heart of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We encompass over 150,000 Square feet at the beautiful Chattanooga Convention Center and over 10,000 square feet at the Historical Chattanoogan Hotel.   We focus on Family friendly events (which is safe for all ages) at the Chattanooga Convention Center from noon Friday until Midnight;  9am Saturday until Midnight and 9am until 3pm on Sunday.    Our 18+ and Nooga Nights happens 8pm Friday and goes until Midnight; 8pm Saturday and goes until 2am.  We also have some Nooga Film Festical activities happening at the Chattanoogan on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as our Room Parties on Saturday!


We focus on Family friendly events (which is safe for all ages) at the Chattanooga Convention Center from noon Friday until Midnight;  9am Saturday until Midnight and 9am until 3pm on Sunday.    Our 18+ and Nooga Nights happens after 8pm on Friday and Saturday and goes until 2am. 

What about special needs or handicap access? 

​We attempt to accommodate everyone.  The Convention Center has ample handicap access and parking available in the garage.  Most if not all our hotels can accommodate as well.  The garage next door as well and as always all meters are free for vehicles with handicap placards.  We have partnered with Mobility equipment rentals provided by Chattanooga Mobility and Lifts
Prices for the weekend:
Knee walker $20
Scooter $65
Power wheelchair $85
Manual wheelchair/transporter $25

To reserve equipment, please call Chattanooga Mobility and Lifts at (423) 875-3456 no later than 1 month prior to Con Nooga.  You will need your debit or credit card for your reservation.  There is a delivery fee of $60 that will be split among those who rent the equipment.  When you arrive at Con Nooga, please pick up your rental at Disability Services. 

​How do I become a Vendor, guest, or artist in the vendor hall?

​We are proud of our 60,000 square foot Exhibit/Vendor Hall.  We get numerous requests and our process is possibly a little different from other shows.  We attempt to keep a variety and assortment of vendors, guests and artist so we can hit every aspect of the fandoms plus allow the vendors to do well without an over saturated number of the same type vendors.   Our staff asks for a few simple things when submitting to be a guest, artist, or vendor- contact  for more information

Which is the best day to attend?

All 3!  Honestly there is so much happening over the 3 days and the best value is to get a full weekend pass to cover everything we have to offer.  However we understand some people may be strapped for time or just want to come see what Con Nooga is all about.   SATURDAY is the day with so much entertainment, panels, contests etc that it is overall the best day to see what Con Nooga is all about.  If you want to come see a guest, vendor, author or just get a feel without the higher priced badge - we recommend SUNDAY.  We try to keep Sunday very affordable so we can get those slightly interested people a chance to see a little of Con Nooga plus shop with our amazing vendors, artists, authors and guests. Day Passes are only available at the door...  And pricing reflects below:

  • Friday - $25 plus tax - Adult Pass Cash Only
  • Saturday - $40 plus tax - Adult Pass Cash Only
  • Sunday - $10 plus tax - Adult Pass Cash Only
  • 3 DAY - $50 plus tax - Adult PassCash Only
  • There are pre-registration discounts - earlier you sign up the more you save!

Where can I find a schedule? 

​Con Nooga has followed technology trend and gone to a paperless APP for our scheduling.  Our APP enables you to make custom schedules, find almost anything and has a lot of extras as well.  We also understand some people have yet to jump into technology so our programming team can custom print or give you a printed schedule if you ask for one.  We do highly recommend our APP as we can alert you to changes in the schedule, alert you to sessions and makes life a little easier.   Our schedule of over 500 hours of programming is a tough task to input and keep on top of but our programming team is amazing and tries to get it available at least 2 weeks prior to the event.   (Go to your normal app store and search for Con Nooga - be sure to download the latest year!) 

What is included in the price of the badge? 

​Everything... well almost!   Workshops with a make and take item will cost a few dollars more but you are learning a skill trade by a professional and getting the items to make within the workshop.  Plus some gaming events with prizes will have a small entry fee as well...  Otherwise; every event, show, contest,  vendor hall access is all included with your badge.  And that even includes the free Con Nooga shuttles as well.  If you estimate the cost of all the entertainment, shows, learning, entertainment, contests - It would = well over $150 worth of events all weekend long!    We have to add a TN Tax to each membership


FRIDAY ONLY BADGE - $25 :KIDS - (Ages 6-13) $15(*Must be accompanied by adult badge holder)

SATURDAY ONLY BADGE - $40 :KIDS - (Ages 6-13) $20(Must be accompanied by adult badge holder)

SUNDAY ONLY BADGE - $10 :KIDS - (Ages 6-13) FREE (Must be accompanied by adult badge holder)

BEST DEAL - 3 DAY BADGE ADULT:  $50 :KIDS (Ages 6-13) $20 (Must be accompanied by an adult badge holder)

Shuttles?  Where and what are these shuttles for?

​The  Chattanooga Public Free Shuttles that can take you anywhere downtown and to the Convention Center as well.   (This is why we love our hometown!   When you arrive at Con Nooga - you can literally leave your car parked all weekend because we can get you anywhere downtown and Northshore for free!)

​What age recommendation or is there something for kids?

We love families and kids  (we call them kidz!)  Our amazing team has put together a Kidz track geared for 13 and under.  Something happening all day and into the early night hours.  From workshops, interactive things, panels, contests and so much more our Kidz Track is infamous for what they do.  (Enough so that other conventions visit and have copied our efforts!)   Kids 6 and Under are FREE but we require an adult pass and adult supervision for any Kidz 13 and under!  *(ADULT PASS MUST BE purchased and must accompany  any child with a Kidz Badge - NO EXCEPTIONS!) 

*Con Nooga is not a baby sitting service and we reserve the right to ask your child to leave and be escorted to security if not accompanied by an adult with a Con Nooga Badge.  

Is there any Gaming?  You bet!   Our great partners at Infinity Flux and Game On Chattanooga have put together some amazing content all within our 18,000 Square Foot of GAMING SPACE.  From CCG, Table Top, Board Games, Role Playing etc.  Plus numerous pick up games, chance to learn to play numerous games as well!  

​Do you need help on staff or how can I get involved? 

​We have numerous departments and areas for our volunteer staff.  Not to mention perks for those that meet the minimum requirements from staff *(Attending meetings and being involved)*   Otherwise we do offer a discounted badge for staff.   ​Our volunteer staff are the heart and soul to Con Nooga.  and help bring life to all the genres, events, contests and the future of Con Nooga.   Join our Volunteer Staff page on Facebook and learn more. 

​Con Nooga Charities? 
Con Nooga realizes that without the support of our local community we wouldn’t exist. That is why Con Nooga gives back to the community! Each year we hold several events that are about having fun, and raising money for local charities! Texas Hold ‘Em tournament? We have it! Want to rent a sidekick for an hour? We got you covered! Want to spend money on geekery? Our Charity Auction is where you want to be! Want to ride a Big Wheel while chugging a beer? Guess what you can do that too! All Proceeds go to charity.  Con Nooga gives 100% of all funds raised to our selected charities. Over the past 9 years we have been able to raise over $35,000 for local charities. 

For 2018 our charities are:

 Hamilton County S.T.A.R.S.!
Is Resident Evil real? No. But S.T.A.R.S. are real! Hamilton County Special Tactics and Rescue Services. Instead of saving you from zombies, these S.T.A.R.S. will rescue you from swift water, find you if you're lost in the wilderness, provide support for events like Iron Man, & so much MORE! Est. In 1983 Hamilton County S.T.A.R.S. has been saving lives long before Alice or Jill were even thought of. If you want to help support this great team, make sure to participate in the many charity events ConNooga hosts, including the Side Kick Auction, Texas Hold em, Jail & Bail & MORE! Thank you in advance for your support

 Tennessee Valley Pride
Celebrating diversity in Chattanooga, Tennessee and combining our LGBTQ Resources to raise awareness, educate, and improve our community with dignity and respect. The Board is committed to raising awareness, educating and strengthening the community, creating a safe environment and improving the human condition

Veterans of Foreign Wars(VFW Post 3679; Ft. Oglethorpe)
The VFW works to foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts. They serve America’s veterans, the military, and their community. It doesn’t matter if they are collecting Toys for Tots, buying biscuits and delivering them to local nursing homes, or supplying wheelchair repair parts for Vets in need. These men and women served our country. Now with ConNooga Charity, you can help them serve their community.

Have a question not listed?   Contact us !!